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20 Benefits of Project Planner Software


  1. Everything you do is in one place
  2. Your work is held in a secure space
  3. Your work is accessible 24/7/365
  4. You can collaborate with your customers and your own teams anywhere with multiple people working together
  5. It is always up to date, removing the headache of multiple documents that you are not sure are up to date or the right version
  6. You only need a browser to access the solution,  no hardware, software or IT teams to pay to support
  7. The software works out the status of your work so you can focus on the right things at the right time
  8. You only pay for what you need, using a licence at a time
  9. The data all works together to provide automated views of status in graphic form
  10. You get tasks, risks, issues, gantt, dashboard and more all connected to cut down on duplication of work
  11. The heart of the solution of ‘My Tasks’ is accessible as a mobile platform allowing users to view and update their work more easily
  12. When statuses show amber or red, you can drill down to find out causes of failures easily
  13. The platform is dynamic, building and adding more features to grow with changing needs
  14. The dashboard shows original plan and now showing where estimates and assumptions need to be changed in the future
  15. You are not locked in to lengthy commitments, you can cancel licenses at any time without penalty
  16. Your Business can do things more accurately, with more focus, more accuracy and ultimately more efficiently
  17. The platform enables your customers to provide updates in a structured shared format to assist understanding of where you are
  18. You save time on setting things up on each project as the structure is there to use time and time again
  19. The platform does the job of multiple pieces of software with one central version of the truth
  20. The multiple parts of the platform show an objective real-time status at any time to get a clear picture without requiring input from the PM